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Welcome to Legend of Aiteas, An Online Role Playing Game!

Guide Updated
Posted by thephantom on Saturday, November  25, 2006

The Game Manual, located at has been updated with tons of new content.  You will now be able to learn how the game works and get a better feel of what kind of game we are making here.

I have been getting emails that say people want to beta test, that is great! 

But do not hesitate, we will never run out of beta testing accounts.  Do not feel like we have enough or that you lost your chance.  We want everyone to beta test.  So use the contact form on the left to request a beta account.  Thank you!

As for game progress goes, we are well on our scheduled path to have the beta game released this holiday season.  Stay tuned.

Redesign and Development Progress
Posted by thephantom on Tuesday, October  3, 2006
The original site design was just temporary and a much needed upgrade has been made today.  The upgrade includes a new flash banner, and a cloud border.   The game guide had some problems with the new design, so it will be coming soon. Another great piece of news that I am glad to announce is; develop on the game will be picking up in the new few weeks and beta release is closer than ever.  

We can always use more Beta Testers, so please use the contact form on the left to request a beta account.  Thank you.

Development Temporarily Paused
Posted by thephantom on Tuesday, September 5, 2006
I am very sorry to announce that development is temporarily on pause.  Currently some personal matters have arose and I need some time to sort them out.  As soon as I do however the game will be well on its way again.  We only have about 7-8 more hours of development before the patch can be released.  Stay tuned, and thank you for the support.
Patch Notes and Development Progress
Posted by thephantom on Tuesday, July 26, 2006
A new page featured on the left menu will allow visitors, who are patiently waiting for the game to be released, to watch the overall development progress before the patch release.  Each of the major areas that need to be completed in order for the patch to be released are listed.  Showing a break down of the completed percent and overall weight to the release.
Story Released!
Posted by thephantom on Sunday, May 21, 2006
The background history and storyline for Legend of Aiteas is released.  Updates to the Legend of Aiteas web site include a few new pages.  The About Legend of Aiteas page will briefly describe the goals, and other odds and ends.  The Story/Background contains the just released story of the game, allowing future players to only guess what is in store for them. 

Back in the dawn of mankind, man started to adventure out of the safe, enclosed woods and venture out of the safe river valley.  They soon encounter a treasure beyond their wildest dreams... [Read More Here]

Please check back soon for future updates and progress of Legend of Aiteas.  Thank you.



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